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About me I'm rather flattered that you're here


I’m Brad. I put together this website to document a few of the projects I consider to be (at least partially) successful or interesting. Some are very old, while others are new and even unfinished. But hopefully all are interesting to you!

My interests span almost everything, from both playing and enjoying music, to swimming and cycling, to chemistry, electronics and software design. I’m not comfortable posting my singing voice to the internet, so this website focuses on the last three mentioned interests! :P

What I do

I’m currently a Ph.D postdoctoral research fellow at the Pasteur Institute. Because of my long-standing interest in computer software and hardware, I have become both a researcher and a system administrator. My research focuses on applied mathematics and computer science, specifically in modeling complex data of chemical mixtures, protein structure and dynamics, and multivariate statistical analysis. My sysadmin and programming work usually focuses around maintaining file, web and software servers for one or more research groups, e.g., the Power’s group website. In the few free moments I get these days, I like to tinker with electronics, and when I just have to procrastinate at work, I write small pieces of software.

Really, the relevant question is: what don’t I do? :) If it’s going to be a challenge, odds are that I’m game.

Anyways, welcome!

In a nutshell, welcome to my personal website. :D