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A simple Pkg repository viewer An elementary web interface for Pkg


The Pkg package manager, a tool I hacked together to manage the binary packages for a distribution, supports remote package repositories (in their most simple form). The PHPkg web interface provided a simple, powerful way to browse any remote repository’s packages, and even to search for dependencies.

In a nutshell, PHPkg is a set of PHP (4 and 5) scripts that provide a simple, straightforward web interface for any HTTP server that stores Pkg-compliant package repositories.

It’s far from fully functional, even buggy. But I figured why not put it out there for others. Maybe it could be useful somehow.


PHPkg requires a web server running PHP4 or PHP5, a few KB of webspace, and one or more hosted Pkg repositories. First, just copy all of the files in src/ into the web server root (or another hosted directory).

The Pkg repositories that PHPkg will interface with must be available on the local filesystem of the web server hosting the PHPkg scripts. On systems whose repositories are being managed by the Pkg scripts (highly recommended), there will be a file called ‘repos.conf’ in the /etc/pkg directory. You may either copy this file into the directory holding the PHPkg scripts, or leave it where it is. Second, edit the first few lines of the phpkg.php file to point to the repos.conf that you wish to use. (See phpkg.php for more information)

That should do it! Once the above changes have been made, the PHPkg interface should be set up.

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